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Frequently Asked Question section is an excellent way to learn about our team, platform, and services. Like any other visitor, we recommend taking a look around here as this will help you enjoy a better experience.

We mostly focus on ERP/CRM solutions, web development, and of course, enterprise application integration. We work with products leading their market niches like NetSuite, Odoo, and SalesForce; enjoy full-stack and cloud development; integrate any software you name.

There are quite a few reasons for you to feel confident about working with us. We choose our customers. We enjoy working with fast-growing and like-minded companies. We like to feel part of your organization and work towards the success of your business.

First, you need to choose a plan that is best suited for your organization. After that, from your user Dashboard you need to load up your plan with an hourly package. You are all set, you can now start estimating tasks and approve them to be worked by our team. The estimated hours deduct from your hourly package.

It's all about time. If you need our team to be around more often and have faster response times, then you need a more robust plan. You can all plan details on the plans page.

We count with meaningful support from at least 20 collaborators in our Costa Rican office. We recruit highly talented individuals with a great passion for knowledge and improvement.

Hourly packages consist of several hours that you purchase to use along with your plan. These hours will remain as credits within your account. You can check the number of hours available from your dashboard.

The short answer is yes. However, you need to make sure to consume all purchased hourly packages on your current plan before upgrading or downgrading.

First, you need to load up a few tasks on our platform Backlog stage. When you are ready to work on a specific task, you move the job from the Backlog stage to the Estimate section or straight to the Approved section. Once a task is approved, our team will work on the task based on our agreed estimated time. Finally, our team will present the results to your organization.

While estimates are an excellent way to control your budget, you can approve time-critical tasks without going through the estimation process.

You can always ask for a revision or request for a different approach if the estimate is high. Our business analysts and developers do their best to keep costs as low as possible.

On the surface, it comes from the term middleware, which is software that acts as a communication bridge between other software applications, or humans? More in-depth, Midware means smart and hard work, people empowerment, and team consciousness.

Midware's CEO worked for a few years with startup companies around the world and noticed a significant gap in companies' technology adoption. It was an uninformed, slow, and sometimes fatal process for companies. In 2017, knowing the potential of Costa Rican developers, he started putting together a team. By the end of that year, Midware was born and legally registered in April of 2018.

We are based in beautiful Costa Rica. Our office sits in a convenient location in the country's capital city, San Jose; near embassies of France and Argentina and with magnificent landscapes that feed our will of success.