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1. The Backlog

Create tasks to pile up ideas, document inefficiencies, and get on the right track. Turn your ideas and requirements into project tasks so you can see them working in the real world. There are quite a few ways to find these. For example, encouraging every team member to bring their genius to the business; by empowering your team, your business will advance all together. You can also buy extra time for your workers; you can do this by implementing changes in your system to prevent your team from getting stuck in repetitive and error-prone responsibilities.

2. The Estimate

Get task estimates and avoid losing track of your budget. Knowing what it will cost to build a feature can help you find the right time to develop the job. Another added value of this stage is that you can decide to find cost-effective alternatives to solve a problem. It is also possible to opt-out for building a project and take it back to the Backlog until the right time comes. Furthermore, you can skip this stage for mission-critical tasks.

3. The Priority

Prioritize your tasks and get more value faster. As much as it is hard to accept, we all depend on time, and businesses are no exception to this. Building a timeline is vital to get work done. Tasks that reached this stage are implemented based on your priorities; if there is no specific preference, our team will work on the task promptly based on your plan settings. Speeding up results is also possible by picking a better plan or get more developers to work on your project.

4. The "In Progress"

Get work done and reach business goals. By far, this our favorite stage. We find an excellent opportunity to test ourselves when we can help other teams and bring organizations closer to their goals. Here, we combine talent, experience, commitment, and a long list of skills that has gained us such a good reputation. Our developers and functional consultants will send regular progress notifications and get your informed quickly as issues present.

5. The User Acceptance

Congratulations! You've just added progress to your business. Our team takes it seriously to make sure the work done has met your expectations. No matter how much we like machines, we have not yet turn into one, and occasionally as humans, we make mistakes. Fortunately, we count with a great QA team that will make sure to correct any issues. There is a lot more! While we just described the very barebones of our work pipeline, there are still quite a few features that you will discover down the road, and that will empower you with greater possibilities. Schedule a call and start making progress today!