Integration Service

Cloud software applications and its subscription-based delivery model has brought a lot of possibilities for building new business. However, it also created new challenges, such as disconnected applications and decentralized data. These are important to overcome for several reasons. For example, automating every single process is critical to give freedom to your team and keep progressing. Similarly, the explosion of big data brought new possibilities to leverage data, and the use of business intelligence platforms is no longer optional.

Midware was born as an integration company, and it has a long curriculum integrating a vast number of applications, platforms, and databases. Our approach includes knowing the software application that you are working with, and often, we develop customizations along with the integration project itself. This added advantage is possible because we are continually working closely with robust ERP systems. The exposure to different business requirements and cloud technology has turned us into cloud masters.

Cloud Applications & Platforms

Unlike simple web services, cloud platforms often require customization on top of it. Because the integration involves more than just delivering data, having the skills to develop and set up has a positive impact on the project. As mentioned above, our team has extensive experience in platforms like Magento, Odoo, NetSuite, SalesForce, and the list is growing fast.

Web Services & APIs

From simple HTTP authentication to OAuth 2.0, we've got the experience to interconnect all your applications together. We follow different architectures according to the involved requirement. Usually, we will set up a middleware application to manage the integration.

On-Premise Software

While cloud software is the new standard, a lot of companies are still relying on custom on-premise software. Usually, these don't count with an API. To integrate these applications, we have to create an API for the database and then consume the services with a middleware application. In some scenarios, a full migration is an option as well.