NetSuite Bundles

Midware has partnered up with several companies worldwide to create out-of-the-box solutions for our customer base. Our goal is to facilitate the implementation of commonly used applications. By partnering up with customers that are using similar software functionality, we can provide a more robust solution at a lower cost.

NetSuite Localization Bundle

We have built localization solutions to operate through third-party API vendors, to allow users to integrate invoicing and billing processes. Our customers don't have to leave NetSuite to comply with their governmental regulations for electronic invoicing. So far, we've successfully delivered solutions for Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Demand Planning Advanced Bundle

Our team has got many requests to implement several improvements in the standard NetSuite demand planning functionality. We are trying to align them to create a more robust solution that is built right on top of the standard NetSuite solution. So far, we've been able to implement quite a few improve and most importantly develop a codebase that will allow us to build great features in the future. If you are interested in partnering up with us to further develop these solutions, please contact us.