NetSuite Implementation

Midware has an extensive career path implementing standard and advanced NetSuite modules. On this page, you can find a quick summary of our growing functional curriculum.

NetSuite Standard Modules:

  • Web Store
  • Web Site
  • Customer Portal
  • Vendor Portal
  • Partner Portal
  • Shipping
  • Payroll
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Analytics
  • Financials
  • Order Management
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing Campaigns

NetSuite Advanced Modules:

  • Advanced Inventory: We've used inventory replenishment based on demand to allow companies to get alerts on inventory falls, and prevent out of stock items. We can assist in setting up reorder points and preferred stock levels based on different strategies. We also count with extensive knowledge on advanced features like matrix items, landed costs, serialized inventory, lot and bin management, barcodes, and others. We can also help you set up merchandise return authorizations and implement a pick, pack, and ship cycle within your fulfillment process.
  • Advanced Procurement: We've implemented requisitions, purchase contracts, and blanket order feature to allow our customers to simplify and improve their acquisition of goods. In turn, we let our customers get the best price between all their vendor base, and get a consolidated order in just a few clicks. We also combined this process with approval workflows and enabled the vendor portal to ease the data-entry process.
  • Demand Plan: We've assisted our customers in implementing a demand plan for different business case scenarios. For example, we've set up future forecast data to determine seasonal changes, and create projections based on specific locations. Additionally, we've created exceptions on the plan based on specific events. We also support our customers to help them understand and set up the different projection methods that NetSuite offers. Likewise, we set up and created the necessary supply plans.

Unfortunately, even when there is a good set of essential features, the demand planning module still lacks features that are commonly pursued by many businesses. For this reason, we've decided to develop our demand planning module. Since we didn't intend to reinvent the wheel, we've based our solution as an extension of the NetSuite demand planning. With our module, you can create projections for the following months based on sales history information and trend forecasts. The system also offers the possibility to configure essential parameters such as safety stock, preferred stock, and lead time, while discerning between vendors and different warehouses across countries.

  • Work Orders & Assemblies: We've implemented work orders feature to automatically produce purchase orders based on their assembly items and inventory levels. We have worked with simple and complex assembly item setups, allowing our clients to replenish their inventory for finished goods or create special orders. In regards to complex item setups, we've worked with multi-level assemblies composed out of different item types. The bill of materials feature allowed us to define the process required to build finished goods.
  • Advanced Order Management: We've developed complex decision-making algorithms for deciding the order's location based on different parameters.
  • One World: We've managed, and created automation flows using NetSuite One World for companies with multiple subsidiaries, and locations.

More to come

It would be tough for us to include a comprehensive list of all of our expertise. The team is quickly expanding, and so our customer base. Additionally, our team focuses on learning about the overall architecture and not single-purpose solutions. Exploring learning new features is part of our day-to-day curriculum. To this extent, the team is ready to get hands-on-experience on any new challenges.