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So, why would you need yet another platform? Let's take a closer example. The need for an ERP system becomes evident as users generate more disconnected data and processes in their business. Similarly, teams need to be working as a unit, aligned under similar principles to succeed.

It takes more than a good team to build a competitive business. Many times teams work very hard, but still struggle to make meaningful progress. In turn, business owners frequently underestimate the crucial impact of a fully automated business or presume they lack enough budget to execute it. Don't worry; we've been there as well. Fortunately, Midware was born to solve both of these concerns and further.

Midware platform allows you to focus on smaller tasks instead of a never-ending project. Your implementation will evolve as our team delivers constant measurable progress. Based on this output, you can refine your decision-making process and pivot without creating a significant impact. You can also control time and invest your budget wisely, preventing you from putting extra time or misplacing funds on tasks. You will get a new fresh view of your project every day, and the management won't need to wait until months or weeks to perceive value.

In broader terms, our company offers a triad of success that is powered both by software and humans:

  • A robust ERP/CRM that interconnects your business processes
  • A proficient team that understands your business and can execute
  • A tailored platform to align our teams and keep the projects on track

Some of our platform features include:

  • Project and task management: Get the perfect tool to manage big or small projects and break them down in tasks.
  • Task estimates: Control the time before it is too late and create a significant impact faster.
  • Timesheet data and validation: Make sure your project is on track and billing comes out correctly.
  • Project management: Enjoy a modern pipeline represented as a kanban view.
  • Helpdesk: Handle support cases separately and prevent timeline interruptions.
  • Calendar: Manage meetings, request support from project owners without interrupting their schedule.
  • Chat: Keep communication flowing at a task and project basis.